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Welcome to our FAQ page! Here, we answer your most pressing questions about our children's swimming classes. From understanding our approach, class sizes, and pool temperatures to our methods for overcoming water fears, we've got it all covered. Dive in to ensure your little ones have a smooth swimming journey with us

What age can my baby start swimming lessons?

Our swimming lessons are suitable from birth. While our classes go up to age 8, the sooner you introduce your baby to water, the better.

I am worried that my baby will try to breathe underwater.

Babies are born with a natural dive reflex which prevents us from drowning when we eat and
drink fluids.

Are there changing facilities and parking at the pools?

Yes, both our pools have wonderful changing facilities and plenty of free onsite parking.

How many adults can be in the pool with the child. 

Unfortunately, we can only allow one adult to be in the pool with each child per lesson. However, there is plenty of room on poolside for helpers! 

How long is each session?

Each session is 30 minutes long.

What should my baby wear to their swimming lesson?

As babies are not able to regulate their own body temperatures until they are around 18 months old, we advise that they wear a swim nappy and a 'Happy Nappy' baby wetsuit to our lessons. The company that we recommend are called 'Splashabout'

My child is very nervous around water

Due to past experiences or the chill of most pools, we opt for warmer ones, enhancing children's comfort and relaxation during lessons. Our small, calm classes contribute to a less intimidating environment, ensuring your child's introduction to swimming is as pleasant as possible.

Should I wait until my baby has had their immunisations before they start swimming lessons?

In the past the advice was to wait until your baby was at least three months old before you started
taking them swimming, but it has been found that it makes no difference at all, so you can start
lessons as soon as you feel comfortable to.

Does the parent need to be in the pool with their child?

Yes. As we don't use flotation aids in our classes and our pools are 1.2 meters deep, we do require a parent or carer to be in the pool with their child until they are confident and competent to be in the water on their own

My child hates having water in their face

Some children resist water on their faces due to bad experiences. We use gentle games and activities to gradually familiarise your child with water. By adapting to your baby's pace, we transform initial hesitation into enjoyment of splashing and diving.


Both our girls have swum with Zoe since they have been babies, they have loved every single lesson and are so confident in the water. No matter what level they are at in the group they are pushed to their ability. Our eldest is now solo swimming and loving it. I cannot recommend Little Seahorses enough!


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